Sunday, May 25, 2014

Best place to farm silkweed

Silkweed is one of the lowest level regular herbs to farming in Mists of Panadria.

You can farm this herb on a ground mount or on a flying mount it's all other the place in Valley of the Four Winds along with Green Tea Leaf if your lucky you may even find some Golden Lotus since both Silkweed and Golden Lotus share the same spawning locations

Silkweed and golden lotus are both used in the alchemy profession to make Intellect flasks used and spell caster DPS and healer in raids.

Valley of the Four Winds - Silkweed farming route

Best Place to farm Fool's Cap

Fool's Cap is located in more density in the higher level questing zones Dread Wastes and Townlong Steppes although it can be farmed in many of the other panda zone.

You will want to have a maxed out herbalism skill and the skill to allow you to fly in pandaria some of the places can be a little tricky to get to on ground mounts.

Fool's cap is the highest level regular herb in World of Warcraft and is often the most expensive regular herb on the auction house.

you will earn a lot of gold gathering this herb and reselling on the auction house because it's used in other professions such as Alchemy, who use this herb to create flasks and potions.

Dread Wastes, Fool's Cap Farming Route

Monday, September 23, 2013

Priest 5.4 Discipline Priest Patch Notes

Priest 5.4 patch notes
Stat Priority - Reforging Gems & Enchants - Talents - Healing Spell Rotation
  • Hymn of Hope now prefers to target healers when it grants mana. Healers will always be picked before non-healers, regardless of how much mana they have.
  • Leap of Faith no longer has a facing requirement.
  • Shadow Word: Death now deals 15% more damage.
  • Shadow Word: Pain now deals 25% more damage.
  • Grace can no longer be dispelled.
  • Rapture now energizes the Priest for 100% of the mana cost of Power Word: Shield When the shield is fully consumed or is dispelled (used to energize the Priest with mana equal to 150% of their spirit). This is the modified mana cost for Power Word: Shield, after being reduced by Rapture’s passive effect.
  • Spirit Shell duration has been reduced to 10 seconds (down from 15 seconds), and the damage absorption shield's effectiveness can now be reduced through Battle Fatigue.
  • Angelic Feather now increases allies' movement speed by 80%, up from 60%, and feathers placed in the world have a duration of 10 minutes (up from 5 minutes).
  • Divine Insight for Discipline Priests now has a 100% chance to activate its effect after using Penance (up from 40%), and now displays an effect in the UI when it's active.
  • From Darkness, Comes Light
    • Discipline, Holy: Now also has a chance to activate its effect on cast for these following spells; Penance, Circle of Healing, Prayer of Mending, and Prayer of Healing.
    • Shadow: Now has a 20% chance to activate its effect for Shadow Priests (up from a 15% chance).
  • Mindbender now deals 10% more damage, and mana return has been increased by 20%.
  • Psyfiend no longer benefits from Haste, and its health has been reduced by 75%, but fixed a bug where Psyfiend wasn't being affected by base Resilience.
  • Twist of Fate's damage and healing threshold to activate has been increased to 35% (up from 20%).